Johns Hopkins University offers undergraduate degrees in the arts, sciences, social sciences, engineering and the humanities.  The undergraduate degree at Hopkins is a four-year degree consisting of broad, multidisciplinary distribution requirements and concentrated coursework within a primary academic field, known as a major.  Many Hopkins undergraduates pursue a combination of primary and secondary fields, known as minors.

Once you have been admitted to Hopkins, you will be asked to submit course preferences for pre-registration to the Office of Study Abroad.  You may pre-enroll for courses through this process, but you will have two weeks from the start of the academic term to finalize your class schedule.  There is an add/drop period during these two weeks, and you may change your schedule and obtain registration permissions from faculty, as needed, during this period.

Visiting International and Exchange Students (J-1 Visas) must be enrolled as full-time students for the duration of their semester of academic year at Hopkins.

One credit reflects 15 contact hours per semester.  Undergraduate courses generally carry 3 credits or 45 contact hours.  To maintain full-time status, you must enroll in a minimum of 12 credits.  Most students enroll in 15 credits per semester.  You may not register for more than 18 credits per semester.

With some exceptions, here is the correspondence between credits and the number of courses you will need to maintain full-time status

12 credits = four courses
15 credits = five courses
18 credits – six courses

Some intensive courses carry a greater number of credits and many science courses have required laboratories, discussion sessions, and co-requisite courses. Please be sure to read the course description carefully when planning your academic schedule.

As a visiting international student, you are afforded the same rights and privileges as JHU degree-seeking undergraduates.  You may register for any undergraduate course listed in the Undergraduate Schedule of Classes for which you meet prerequisites.  You are not restricted to courses offered within a single department.  You may select courses from undergraduate offerings in both the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering.

You may not register for courses in the graduate or professional divisions of Johns Hopkins (School of Medicine, School of Public Health, etc.)  With the permission of individual professors, you may enroll in graduate courses offered in the School of Arts and Sciences or the School of Engineering.

Course numbers provide essential information on departments and levels of study.

AS = Arts and Sciences EN = Engineering
Department Number, e.g. 100 = History, 200 = Psychology
Courses at the 100-200 levels are first and second-year courses
Courses at the 300-400 levels are third and fourth-year courses
Courses at the 500-600 levels are research and graduate level courses
Many courses have multiple sections, many of which meet at different times.


Course requests must be submitted to the Office of Study Abroad, because you will not have access to university online registration.  You will submit a list of six to seven course requests to Dr. Lori Citti, Director of Office of Study Abroad (, who will coordinate your enrollment with the University Registrar.

Course requests should be submitted via email to Dr. Citti and include the following information:

Course Number, Course Section, Course Title and any pre-requisites you have completed, if required.

Please be sure to include the pre-requisites you have completed.  Without that information, we will not be able to enroll you in the course.

Once the Registrar has entered your registration requests, you will receive an email notice from the Registrar indicating whether you have been enrolled, waitlisted, or rejected.

If you are waitlisted, please be patient because there will be many students who choose to drop courses prior to the start of the semester.  If you are waitlisted and you receive an email from the Registrar that a space has opened for you, forward the email to Dr. Citti as soon as possible so we can put you in the open place.  You will only have a short window of 24 hours to be moved from the waitlist and enrolled in the course.   Be sure to forward the original email from the Registrar to Dr. Citti.

If your enrollment request is rejected, it may be due to a lack of prerequisites or you may need to get permission directly from the professor.  You will have an opportunity to get permissions during Orientation, once you have arrived on campus.

At the end of your semester or academic year, you may request an official transcript from the Office of the Registrar.  Under the Federal Education Records Privacy Act (FERPA), you are the only person who may request transfer of your academic record to a third party.  Please follow the instructions on the Registrar’s Website to have a transcript sent to your home institution.