The unsettled feeling that can accompany one’s return from abroad is often referred to as “reverse culture shock” and is a very common reaction for students coming home from studying abroad. The resources below can help make the transition back to JHU and the U.S. as smooth and rewarding as possible.

Share Your Story Share your photos and experience with prospective study abroad applicants
Office of International Services Get to know international students studying at JHU
Center for Social Concern Volunteer with international organizations or international populations here in Baltimore
JHU Counseling Center If you'd like to speak with a trained professional

Attend the Baltimore Lessons from Abroad Conference

The event is a great opportunity for students who want to stay connected to your study abroad experience from returning abroad for work, volunteer, or grad school to learning about job opportunities related to international topics. It should be a fun event to connect with fellow study abroad returnees studying in the Baltimore area as well as learning about future international opportunities.

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