This program provides a select group of undergraduates the opportunity to pursue an integrated, consecutive 5-year dual-degree BA/MA between JHU and Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) that will lead to the MA in World History from UPF. JHU students will spend either the Fall or Spring of their Junior Year at UPF* earning credits toward their UPF MA requirements. They will receive their Hopkins BA at the end of 4 years and then pursue the UPF MA degree in their fifth year of study.

One of Spain’s most dynamic universities and one of Europe’s top research institutions in the humanities and social sciences, UPF boasts an excellent Humanities Department (including History), with special strengths in world, global, and transnational history. Situated in the heart of Barcelona, one of Southern Europe’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities, housed in a mix of historic buildings and state of the art facilities, UPF offers students rigorous training in the methodologies and approaches essential for the in-depth study of world history.

*Students may be approved on a case by case basis to study on other programs in Spanish-speaking countries during their junior year.

Program Design and Sequence: 
The BA/MA program is designed for History Majors and International Studies majors pursuing the “Global Connections and Historical Comparisons” track within the International Studies major. Students with other majors who meet most of the requirements described below may be considered as well, particularly those majoring in Political Science and Sociology.

Attend an information session. Pursue Spanish language study and 1-2 History courses per semester.

Complete at least 4 History courses by the end of the year. Continue to pursue Spanish language study.

Apply for conditional admission to the BA/MA program by February 15 if you plan to study at UPF in the Fall of Junior Year.

Spend Fall or Spring semester taking at least two History courses and other social sciences and humanities courses at UPF.

Apply for conditional admission to the BA/MA program by October 1 if you plan to study abroad in Spring of Junior Year.

Take the 300-level seminar “Approaches to World History” at JHU. Take at least one course taught in Spanish. Students are strongly encouraged to write a senior thesis in History or International Studies. Receive BA from JHU upon graduation.

Take courses at UPF to complete your MA in World History

Areas of Study:The BA/MA program is designed for History Majors and International Studies majors pursuing the “Global Connections and Historical Comparisons” track within the International Studies major. Students can choose from courses in a range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences during their junior semester abroad.

Fall: Late August to Mid-December. Application Deadline: February 15
Spring: Late January to Late May. Application Deadline: October 1


  • Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Completion of at least 4 History courses (including one 300-level course) with a minimum average GPA of 3.5 in those courses by the end of sophomore year
  • High level of maturity and clear intent to pursue a MA degree
  • 6 semesters of college-level Spanish before the junior semester abroad*

*Students with fewer than 6 semesters of Spanish may be eligible on a case by case basis. Please see a Study Abroad Advisor for more information.

Courses and Credits:
Students will take 5 courses during the study abroad semester, including at least one History course. All courses are taught in Spanish. Grades earned while abroad will factor into their JHU GPA.

Students will pay Hopkins tuition for their semester abroad at UPF and UPF tuition for their fifth year in Barcelona. Housing will be paid directly to the housing facilities.

Please see the Office of Study Abroad for an estimate of expenses for the semester abroad on this program. Please remember that all fees are approximate and subject to change.

Barcelona, Spain

During the junior semester abroad, students can choose to live in either Spanish homestays or in a student residencia (residence hall) with other Spanish and international students. These are located in urban settings throughout the city. Students living in a homestay will have breakfast and dinner provided at home, while lunch is at the students’ expense. All homestays and residencias are located in the city of Barcelona and within 30 minutes, by public transportation to UPF.

For the MA program post-graduation, students are responsible for finding their own accommodations, however resources will be provided.

Students are required to have a visa to participate in this program. Students should have a valid passport at the time of application. More information will be provided during the pre-departure process.

Application Process:
Students must complete the Hopkins UPF Application and return it along with the other materials listed on the application to: The Office of Study Abroad, Levering 04B.

Applications are due February 15 for fall study abroad and October 1 for spring study abroad.

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