Student Eligibility for Study Abroad

Students are required to meet with a Study Abroad Advisor prior to applying to study abroad. All study abroad programs must be approved by the Office of Study Abroad prior to participation in order to transfer credit toward Hopkins degree requirements.

Eligibility for study abroad can vary by type of program. Students must meet the minimum eligibility requirements of both Johns Hopkins University and the program abroad.

  • Term GPA of 3.00 or higher the semester of application (Students must immediately notify the Office of Study Abroad if their GPA drops below a 3.0 in the semester before departure for study abroad.)
  • Students must complete at least 100 credits at the Homewood Campus
  • Students must complete their last semester prior to graduation in residence at the Homewood Campus
  • Students must be in good academic, disciplinary and financial standing
  • Students must be enrolled the semester of application to be eligible to study abroad
  • Students may not apply for study abroad while on Leave of Absence

Many programs have additional eligibility requirements. In some cases those requirements will be more stringent than the Hopkins minimum eligibility.

Program specific eligibility requirements might include:

  • Language proficiency requirements: If required, students must be able to demonstrate proficiency at the college level, either through courses taken at a U.S. college or university, AP credit or university administered placement tests
  • Cumulative GPA higher than 3.0 (e.g. Oxford’s minimum GPA requirement is 3.7)
  • One year or more of college-level education
  • Course prerequisites: Students must have course prerequisites as determined by the host institution

International students are encouraged to take full advantage of study abroad opportunities by pursuing studies outside the United States and their home countries.

 Johns Hopkins will not approve study abroad at locations where students have completed secondary education or where they have lived and/or worked within eight years of matriculation at Johns Hopkins. Students who wish to take courses at universities in their home countries will be asked to petition the Faculty Advisory Committee for Study Abroad. Students must present a strong academic rationale for the program and address the issue of cultural competency.