All study abroad programs must be pre-approved through the Office of Study Abroad prior to participation. Students who apply through the Office of Study Abroad are eligible to transfer credit back to the Hopkins degree.

With pre-approval during the application process from the appropriate people, study abroad credits can be used to fulfill the following types of requirements:

  • Major/minor requirements: Pre-approved by the Director for Undergraduate Studies (DUS) in that department
  • Language courses: Pre-approved by an examination or review by the Language faculty
  • Distribution credits: Reviewed by the Director of Study Abroad
  • General elective credits toward graduation

Please note that Writing Intensive credits will not be pre-approved. Students must save syllabi and all written coursework to have courses reviewed for Writing Intensive credits. More information

Students are required to enroll in the equivalent of 15 credits per semester while abroad. Students who wish to take fewer than 15 or more than 18 credits a semester must obtain written permission from the Director of the Office of Study Abroad. Summer programs typically range from three to six credits.

For the purposes of fulfilling university residency requirements, all study abroad courses are considered “in-residence” and may be included in the 100-credit university residency requirement. Students may transfer up to 30 credits from Study Abroad toward their undergraduate degrees. In addition, students may use up to 12 regular non-Hopkins credits, with the total of transfer credits from study abroad and domestic courses not to exceed 42 credits. Students in all study abroad programs are held to the same course guidelines that apply to course loads and overloads on the Homewood campus. Students may not enroll in three consecutive semesters abroad.

More Information

All students must take courses for a grade and complete them with the equivalent of C or better to be eligible for transfer of credit toward a Hopkins degree. Students will not receive credit for Pass/Fail courses taken abroad.

Hopkins transcripts reflect how courses taken abroad have been applied toward students’ degree requirements at Johns Hopkins. All courses from overseas programs are entered onto the official Hopkins transcript along with the host school and location of the study abroad program.

Grades and Transcripts: Hopkins Departmental Programs
Grades from most Hopkins departmental programs (Hopkins Departmentally Sponsored Semester and Year Programs, Hopkins Summer Abroad and Hopkins Intersession Abroad) are posted on transcripts and are calculated into students’ term and cumulative GPA.

Grades and Transcripts: Hopkins Approved Programs
Grades from Hopkins Approved Programs do not appear on the Hopkins transcript and will not be calculated into the GPA.

Study Abroad Transcripts for Graduate Schools
Transcripts that show grades from abroad are available from the host institution or program sponsor. Graduate schools often request a United States School of Record transcript. Students may need to submit these transcripts along with their Hopkins transcripts as part of graduate school and medical school applications.