For students planning to apply for programs in 2018 and after, we will be moving to an online application system! For students applying to study abroad in 2017, here are the steps to apply and the forms:

Every student must first have an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor prior to applying to study abroad. Students must complete the Study Abroad Advising Form at or before this meeting.

Students should click on the individual program page to access the program application materials and instructions for Hopkins programs.

Semester/Year Programs

Intersession Programs

Summer Programs

Additional forms will be required after students are accepted to the program.

*The following programs follow the application procedure for Hopkins Approved Programs:

  • Hopkins Summer Neuroscience in Salamanca (Don’t need Pre-Approval)
  • Hopkins Berlin (BCGS)
  • Hopkins Budapest Semesters in Math
  • Hopkins ICCS Rome (Don’t need Pre-Approval)

Applications and forms are all available in the Office of Study Abroad.