Johns Hopkins considers international travel organized by and for student organizations AND directly related to the official scope of activity of the student organization to be Hopkins-sponsored international activities. These procedures are intended to assist students leading a group of two or more undergraduate students on a trip requiring travel outside the United States.

  • International conferences or other organization meetings
  • International civic and community engagement projects
  • Group internships or research
  • Organizationally-sponsored site visits or events
Not Sponsored
  • Locations under Department of State Travel Warnings
  • Personal or group travel for recreational purposes, including individual participation on programs offered by national organizations with JHU Chapters, e.g. Hillel birthright travel, internships, etc.
  • Travel that is not directly related to the goals, mission or scope of activity of the student organization, such as group vacations.

*Non-Sponsored Activities must display a University Disclaimer on promotional materials.

If you are leading a trip that does not fit any of the above models, please contact Dr. Lori Citti (lcitti1@jhu.edu), Director of Study Abroad, for clarification.

Student organization that wish to arrange international activities must select a Trip Leader or Co-Leaders.

The Office of Study Abroad reserves the right to withhold university sponsorship should student leaders fail to inform the Office of Study Abroad or if they determine the program or activity may put student participants at risk. The University reserves the right to revoke support and funding for international travel or global activities at any time in the event of a significant deterioration in the safety and security conditions pertaining to travel in the country or the region within the country where travel is to occur.

Proposals submitted to the Office of Student Activities should include the following:

  1. International Activity Proposal Form
  2. A brief description of the event or activity. The description should include details concerning the purpose of the program and activities of the participants; the dates and location(s) of the program
  3. Logistical information regarding, travel arrangements and housing.
  4. Sponsors or Providers that will assist with logistics and/or arrangements on-site
  5. Contact information for Trip Leader or Co-Leaders
  6. Registration Forms completed by all participants, including Risk & Release Forms
  7. Travel itineraries of all participants (only 1 is necessary if it’s a group flight)
  8. Passport copies of all participants
  • Obtain approval for the international trip of activity from the Office of Study Abroad
  • Make sure all participants complete the Registration and Risk & Release Forms
  • Collect all the above forms, passport copies, and travel itineraries and submit them to the Office of Study Abroad with the Proposal Form
  • Ensure that all participants complete their profile in the Johns Hopkins International Travel Registry database
  • Coordinate the travel, itinerary, transportation, pre-departure orientation, contracts and housing arrangements in consultation with the Organization Advisor
  • Maintain clear and accurate financial records for the trip or activity
  • Carry Emergency Contact Information for each participant and Emergency Contact information for ISOS and Johns Hopkins University

Trip Leaders are required to meet with Dr. Citti in the Office of Study Abroad to discuss preparation for international activities.

All Registered Participants will receive an International SOS group card and identification number.

All students working, studying, conducting research, or taking part in a university activity abroad are required to register their international activities affiliated with Johns Hopkins in the Johns Hopkins International Travel Registry (JHITR).

More Information

*University Disclaimer: JHU ORGANIZATION is a student group that operates by and through its members, who are undergraduate and graduate students at the Johns Hopkins University (“JHU”). The NAME OF PROGRAM OR ACTIVITY is sponsored by ORGANIZATION. No JHU employee, officer or agent will be participating in the program.