Each department within the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences (KSAS) and the Whiting School of Engineering (WSE) has a Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS). Among other responsibilities, the DUS is responsible for approving study abroad coursework to count for major/minor requirements.

Study Abroad Responsibilities of the DUS:

Students must meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) during the study abroad application process to approve coursework for major/minor credit and obtain departmental signatures on the Pre-Approval of Transfer of Credit form.

Students are expected to have researched programs and course options prior to meeting with the DUS. In some cases, students may be applying to multiple programs or the conversation with the DUS may influence students’ program decisions.

In many cases, course listings and/or syllabi will not be available prior to the application deadline. In some cases, students will not have access to this information until they have arrived in their study abroad destination. The signatures on the Pre-Approval form, therefore, are tentative. The DUS should let students know the departmental policies and how students can best reach you for final approval of these courses.

During this meeting with students, the DUS should:

  • Review syllabi and course descriptions in order to pre-approve credits toward major/minor requirements.
  • Indicate your tentative approval of transfer of credit toward major/minor requirements for the student’s proposed course of study overseas by initialing the Pre-Approval of Transfer of Credit form next to individual courses.
  • Use Faculty Notes section for remarks and to note the Hopkins course requirement tentatively fulfilled by course abroad. This is where you can notify students about any departmental policies or procedures regarding study abroad credits (e.g. students may only count 2 courses from study abroad toward the major).
  • Regardless of whether you have approved any courses toward the major/minor, please sign the back of the form to acknowledge your review of the student’s plans for study abroad.

Once the Office of Study Abroad has received the official transcript from the study abroad provider or university, the Director of Study Abroad will contact students to schedule an appointment for a credit evaluation. At this meeting students will be given a packet of information to take to the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the major/minor. The packet will include:

  • Copy of course pre-approval form
  • Transcript from the program abroad
  • Credit evaluation form completed by the Director of Study Abroad that has already been submitted to the Registrar

Students are then asked to meet with the DUS(s) in departments for which they wish to receive major/minor credits. At this meeting, if the DUS agrees to accept courses for departmental requirements, the DUS can assign the courses to the appropriate slot in the Degree Audit checklist in SIS.