Frequently Asked Questions

Students are required to meet with an advisor prior to applying to study abroad. The general requirements are a minimum 3.0 term GPA the semester prior to applying and good academic, disciplinary, and financial standing. Some programs have a higher minimum GPA, and some have specific language requirements or prerequisites.

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Programs are available during intersession, summers, semesters, and year. All students in good academic, disciplinary, and financial standing may participate in summer and intersession programs during any year. In most cases, students participate on semester programs from spring of sophomore year through fall of senior year. Students must complete their last semester prior to graduation in residence at the Homewood Campus.

Schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor who can help you assess which programs will meet your academic and personal interests and help direct your search. You can schedule an appointment in person or by calling 410-516-7856 or emailing Appointments are available Monday through Friday at 1:00pm, 1:30pm, 3:30pm, and 4:00pm.

Students will be billed the cost of the program and a study abroad fee for approved programs. Students on Hopkins semester programs will pay Hopkins tuition. Students on Hopkins summer and intersession programs will pay the program fee with no additional study abroad fee. Payments are made directly to Johns Hopkins University through Student Accounts.

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Financial aid will only apply towards Johns Hopkins departmental and approved study abroad programs for the fall semester, spring semester or academic year.

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Johns Hopkins does not encourage students to participate in non-approved or un-vetted programs. If you have a sound academic rationale for participation in an un-vetted program, you must meet with the Director of Study Abroad to discuss approval of an alternative program. In some cases, you’ll be required to complete a petition process.

Courses must be taken for a grade and completed with the equivalent of a C or better to be eligible for transfer of credit toward a Hopkins degree. Students will not receive credit for Pass/Fail courses taken abroad.

Email the Office of Study Abroad and the Director of Undergraduate Studies in your department(s) if your proposed course schedule changes once you arrive abroad, attaching descriptions and syllabi (if available) for approval of any new courses.

In the event of an emergency abroad, please contact your on-site program coordinator or emergency contact. They will provide you with immediate assistance and contact Johns Hopkins.

Click here for the emergency contact information at JHU and abroad.