In the event of an emergency abroad, please contact your on-site program coordinator or emergency contact. Your program will provide you with the most immediate assistance in an emergency and contact Johns Hopkins if necessary.

  • Contact the person who can provide immediate service
  • Contact or have someone contact the Office of Study Abroad Director, Dr. Citti
  • Contact Insurance Provider and/or SOS International

In addition to your program contact, you may also contact Dr. Citti, Director for Study Abroad, at the following numbers:
During Working Hours, Monday-Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm EST
+1 410-516-6760
After Working Hours, Evenings and Weekends
(Cell) +1 410-530-6029
Email Address:

Group Number: #11BSGC000019
London Number: +44-20-8762-8008 (Call collect where available)
Singapore Number: +65-6338-7800
From the US: 1-800-523-6586

Homewood Security (24-Hours): +1-410-516-7777
Student Health and Wellness: +1-410-516-0450
Dean of Student Life: +1-410-516-8208
Counseling Center: +1-410-516-8278
Student Financial Services: +1-410-516-8028
Sexual Assault Hotline (24-Hrs): +1-410-516-7333