The Journey Begins

The mission of the Office of Study Abroad at Johns Hopkins University is to promote, support, and develop international programs that foster creativity, discovery and excellence in undergraduate education.

These international programs are developed and evaluated in collaboration with the faculty and deans of the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering to ensure that they complement the Hopkins curriculum, promote intercultural competencies, and encourage students to reflect on their values, identities and roles as world citizens.

“The cultural differences taught me to learn to become comfortable being uncomfortable. That may not seem like such a crucial skill, but take my word that it quickly becomes one when you realize you’re the only foreigner to be found for miles.”

Amanda Edwards, IFSA-Butler Argentine Universities Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Study abroad builds critical thinking skills and independence. It is very important that students make their own choices and have their own study abroad experience. Students tend to be much more invested when they work through the process of deciding to study abroad and selecting a program individually.


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